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Chris Kratt Biography

Chris Kratt is an American zoologist, educational nature show host, and YouTuber. He is best known for creating and starring in the PBS Kids series Zoboomafoo, which aired from 1999 to 2001, and Wild Kratts, which has been airing since 2011.

Chris Kratt

Chris Kratt Age | How Old Is Chris Kratt

Kratt was born Christopher Frederick James Kratt on July 19, 1969, in Warren Township, New Jersey, United States. He is 54 years old as of 2023. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on July 19 every year.

Chris Kratt Family

Kratt’s parents are:

  • Father: William King “Bill” Kratt (1928-2022)
  • Mother: Linda Kratt (born 1939)

William Kratt was a musical instrument manufacturer, carrying on the legacy of his grandfather, William Jacob “Bill” Kratt, Sr., who emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1910. Linda Kratt’s background is not publicly available.

Both William and Linda Kratt were actively involved in their sons’ lives and encouraged their passion for the natural world. They were instrumental in supporting Chris and his brother Martin in their early ventures, including filming wildlife videos and developing their educational television shows.

Chris has expressed his gratitude for his parents’ love and support on several occasions. In an interview, he said: “My parents were always very encouraging of our interest in animals. Additionally, they took us on nature walks, bought us books about animals, and even helped us to build our animal enclosures.”

Chris Kratt Wife | Is Chris Kratt Married | Chris Kratt Kids

Chris Kratt is married to Tania Kratt, an interior designer. They got married in 2000 in Botswana, Africa. The couple has two sons together, Aidan and Nolan. Although much of their personal life stays private, Chris has occasionally mentioned his wife and children in interviews and social media posts.

Chris and Martin Kratt: A Legacy of Educating and Entertaining

Chris and Martin Kratt are two brothers who have become synonymous with educational and entertaining nature programming for children. Their infectious enthusiasm for the animal kingdom, coupled with their knack for engaging storytelling and innovative presentation, has inspired generations of young viewers to learn about and appreciate the natural world.

Early Careers and Zoboomafoo:

After graduating with degrees in zoology, Chris and Martin began their television careers in the mid-1990s. Their first major success came with the groundbreaking series Kratts’ Creatures, which aired from 1996 to 1999. Furthermore, this program brought viewers face-to-face with various animals, utilizing a blend of live-action footage, animation, and music to create an immersive and informative experience.

But it was their next project, Zoboomafoo, that truly catapulted them to fame. This PBS Kids series, which ran from 1999 to 2001, featured the Kratt brothers alongside a lively lemur puppet named Zoboo. Moreover, together, they embarked on “creature adventures,” exploring diverse habitats around the globe and learning about the unique animals that call them home. Additionally, Zoboomafoo’s playful nature and the Kratt brothers’ boundless energy made the show a massive hit, garnering critical acclaim and captivating millions of young minds.

Continuing the Legacy with Wild Kratts:

Following the success of Zoboomafoo, Chris, and Martin continued to create educational shows that inspired curiosity and passion for the natural world. They created Kratt Bros. Be the Creature (2002-2003), featuring computer-generated animation that allowed them to transform into different animals, and Wild Alaska Live (2017), a miniseries showcasing the wildlife of Alaska.

However, their most enduring creation remains Wild Kratts, which premiered in 2010 and continues to air on PBS Kids today. Moreover, this award-winning series uses animation and interactive elements to engage young viewers. Additionally, it allows them to join the Kratt brothers on their “Creature Power Suits” adventures as they learn about various animal species and tackle environmental challenges.

Beyond Television:

Chris and Martin Kratt’s impact extends beyond television. They are prolific authors, having written numerous books about animals and nature. They also founded the Kratt Brothers Creatures Club. A non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring children to explore and protect the planet.

A Lasting Impact:

Chris and Martin Kratt have left an indelible mark on the world of children’s television. Subsequently, their unique blend of entertainment and education has fostered a love for animals. In addition, the natural world is in countless young minds. Additionally, their legacy continues to inspire future generations to become responsible stewards of our planet, ensuring that the spirit of exploration and discovery lives on.

Chris Kratt Net Worth

Chris Kratt’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. This wealth is primarily accumulated through his successful career as a television host, producer,

Chris Kratt Movies and TV shows

Chris Kratt has been a fixture in children’s educational television for decades, alongside his brother Martin. Moreover, together, they’ve created and hosted numerous shows that inspire young people to learn about the natural world and appreciate animals. Here’s a look at some of Chris’s most notable television and film appearances:

Television Shows

  • Zoboomafoo (1999-2001): This iconic PBS Kids show featured Chris and Martin alongside a lively puppet lemur named Zoboo. The brothers embarked on “creature adventures” to learn about different animals and their environments, making learning about science fun and engaging for children.
  • Kratts’ Creatures (1996-1999): This show predates Zoboomafoo and introduces young viewers to various animal species through live-action segments, animation, and music.
  • Kratt Bros. Be the Creature (2002-2003): This National Geographic show explored animal adaptations and behaviors, with Chris and Martin transforming into animated animal characters with the help of CGI.
  • Wild Kratts (2010-present): This award-winning PBS Kids series continues the tradition of engaging animal education. Chris and Martin use “Creature Power Suits” that grant them animal abilities to learn about different species and solve environmental challenges.
  • Wild Alaska Live (2017): This miniseries featured Chris and Martin exploring the diverse wildlife of Alaska, showcasing the unique animals and habitats of this vast state.


  • Wild Kratts: A Creature Christmas (2015): This heartwarming special movie features the Wild Kratts team on a Christmas adventure to find the perfect gift for the Wild Kratts Creature Club.
  • Wild Kratts: Alaska Hero’s Journey (2017): This movie follows Chris and Martin as they venture into the Alaskan wilderness to help a young boy learn about animal conservation.
  • Wild Kratts: Creatures of the Deep Sea (2018): This immersive movie takes viewers on a journey to the ocean’s depths, exploring the fascinating creatures that live in this mysterious environment.
  • Wild Kratts: Galapagos! (2020): This movie explores the unique animal life of the Galapagos Islands. Showcasing the importance of conservation and the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Chris Kratt Wild Kratts

Chris Kratt is one of the creators and stars of the popular children’s television series Wild Kratts. Which airs on PBS Kids. He is also a zoologist and environmental educator.

In 2011, Chris and Martin Kratt created Wild Kratts, their most successful series to date. The show is an educational animated adventure series that teaches children about animals and conservation. Chris and Martin Kratt voice the main characters in the show, and they also appear in live-action segments.

Chris And Martin Kratt Zoboomafoo

He and Martin Kratt are two brothers and zoologists who are well-known for their educational and entertaining television shows about animals. Moreover, they are best known for creating and starring in the PBS Kids series Zoboomafoo, which aired from 1999 to 2001.

Zoboomafoo, often called Zoboo for short. In addition, it was a playful and curious lemur who lived with the Kratt brothers and explored the animal world with them. He was portrayed by a puppet and voiced by Kyle St. Clair.

Chris Kratt Cartoon

Chris Kratt has been involved in various TV shows featuring animation. The term “Chris Kratt cartoon” usually refers to the animated segments within his popular educational series:

1. Wild Kratts: This award-winning PBS Kids show, running since 2011, uses animation extensively. Moreover, Chris and his brother Martin use “Creature Power Suits” granting them animal abilities in their animated adventures to learn about different species and solve environmental challenges.

2. Kratt Bros. Be the Creature: This National Geographic show (2002-2003) used CGI to transform Chris and Martin into animated animals, exploring their adaptations and behaviors in engaging ways.

3. Zoboomafoo: Although not fully animated, this show (1999-2001) featured a lively puppet lemur named Zoboo alongside Chris and Martin.

Chris Kratt Social Media Platform

Kratt is active on his social media platform. He has 781k followers on Instagram, 65k followers on Facebook, and 21.9k followers on Twitter.

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