Christopher Kimball Biography, Age, Wife, Books, Net Worth, and Milk Street

Christopher Kimball Biography

Christopher Kimball is a publisher, and television and radio personality. He is the founder of America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country, and Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street.

Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball Age

Kimball was born on June 5, 1951, in Rye, New York, United States. He is 72 years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday on June 5, every year.

Christopher Kimball Spouse

Kimball is currently married to Melissa Lee Baldino, executive producer of the America’s Test Kitchen television show. The couple married on June 30, 2013, and have two children together. Kimball was previously married twice. His first marriage was to Adrienne Kimball, with whom he had a son and three daughters. They divorced in December 2012.

Christopher Kimball Children

Kimball has five children, three with his second wife, Adrienne, and two with his third wife, Melissa.
With Adrienne: Sophie Kimball was born in 1997. Lily Kimball was born in 1999. Max Kimball was born in 2001. With Melissa: Oliver Kimball was born in 2017. Rike Kimball was born in 2019.

Christopher Kimball Books

  • The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook (1994)
  • The Cook’s Bible: The Best of American Home Cooking (1995)
  • Milk Street: The New Home Cooking (2016)
  • The Dessert Bible (1997)
  • Milk Street Tuesday Nights: More than 200 Simple Weeknight Suppers that Deliver Bold Flavor, Fast (2018)

Christopher Kimball Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television

Milk Street Television is a 30-minute culinary show designed to revolutionize the American cooking and dining experience. Founded by Christopher Kimball, this instructional food preparation venture is set to debut its second season in September 2018.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television takes viewers on a culinary journey from the initial taste to a kitchen-tested recipe. The skilled chefs at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street scour the globe for innovative techniques that can enhance the flavor and convenience of everyday American cuisine.

Filmed in diverse locations worldwide, the first season explores culinary traditions in Thailand, Mexico, Peru, and London. Additionally, the series provides an inside look at the heart of the organization—the kitchen at 177 Milk Street in downtown Boston.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street: The New Home Cooking

From Christopher Kimball, recognized as one of Epicurious’ 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time and featured in Eater’s Notable Books of Fall 2017, comes a transformative culinary experience with Milk Street. With a commitment to revolutionizing your cooking approach, Kimball and his team at Milk Street present a collection of over 125 innovative recipes featured in connection with their public television show.

Gone are the days of complex recipes with lengthy ingredient lists, obscure cookware, and time-consuming techniques. Whether it’s the enticing skillet-charred Brussels sprouts, the flavorful Japanese fried chicken, the indulgent rum-soaked chocolate cake, the vibrant Thai-style coleslaw, or the comforting Mexican chicken soup, each dish promises bold flavors and textures without the need to decipher a new culinary language.

Beyond being mere recipes, these culinary creations impart a simpler, more daring, and healthier approach to cooking that has the power to revolutionize your culinary endeavors. Experience the joy of cooking as a source of pure pleasure, not just a mundane task. Welcome to a new era of home cooking. Welcome to Milk Street.

Christopher Kimball America’s Test Kitchen

Kimball, a co-founder, served as both editor and publisher of America’s Test Kitchen. During his tenure as the editor-in-chief of Cook’s Illustrated, he hosted the initial 16 seasons of America’s Test Kitchen, a half-hour cooking show broadcasted on public television stations and Create in the United States. Additionally, Kimball played a role in the publication of Cook’s Country magazine, established in 2004, and was the former publisher of the now-discontinued Cook’s Magazine.

Christopher Kimball Twitter

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