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Gizelle Bryant Biography

Gizelle Bryant is a familiar face on the popular Bravo series, “Real Housewives of Potomac,” where she serves as a recurring cast member. Beyond her television appearances, Gizelle is also the founder of EveryHue Beauty, a skincare brand specifically tailored to meet the needs of women of color.

Gizelle Bryant

Gizelle Bryant Age

She is 53 years of age. Bryant was born on 9 September 1970 in Houston, Texas in the United States. She celebrates her birthday on 9 September every year.

Gizelle Bryant Height/How Tall is Gizelle Bryant

She stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Gizelle Bryant Education

Bryant completed her education at Hampton University, earning a degree in marketing in 1992. Her upbringing in a well-known D.C. family may have played a role in her inclination towards careers associated with government or public service. However, her marketing qualification provided her with a wide range of career options.

Gizelle Bryant Parents

Bryant’s father, Curtis Graves, was a notable figure in the civil rights movement, known for his activism alongside prominent leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He passed away in July 2023 at the age of 84. Graves also had a political career, serving in the Texas House of Representatives. While details about Bryant’s mother are not extensively documented publicly.

Gizelle Bryant Siblings

Bryant has two siblings: an older brother named Chris Graves, with whom she has shared photos on social media and celebrated his birthday on Instagram. Additionally, during the Season 7 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” she mentioned having a sister, but details such as her name remain undisclosed.

Gizelle Bryant Sister

During the Season 7 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Gizelle mentioned having a sister. However, Gizelle appears to keep her sister’s life private, as there are no mentions of her on social media or other public platforms.

Gizelle Bryant Husband

As of the present time, Bryant is single. She was previously married to Jamal Bryant, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2009 [2]. Although they briefly reconciled in 2019, their relationship ended again in 2020.

Gizelle Bryant Daughters

Bryant has three daughters. Grace, the eldest, is the daughter of Gizelle and her ex-husband Jamal Bryant. She is currently enrolled at Florida A&M University, continuing the family tradition of attending an HBCU (Historically Black College/University). Adore and Angel are the younger twin daughters of Gizelle. In 2023, they celebrated their Sweet 16 birthdays in style.

Who is Gizelle Bryant Dating

Bryant is currently in a relationship with Jason Cameron. Jason is known as a reality TV personality who appeared on Bravo’s “Winter House.” Their relationship started over a year ago, but they have not publicly defined it as exclusive or used labels such as “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

Gizelle Bryant Ex-husband

Bryant’s former husband is Jamal Harrison Bryant. They were married for seven years before divorcing in 2009. Gizelle and Jamal initially met when they were young adults, both working at the NAACP headquarters in Baltimore. Their shared passion for activism may have been influenced by Gizelle’s father’s civil rights work. Despite their divorce in 2009, they maintained a friendly relationship and co-parented their daughters. In 2019, they surprised fans by reigniting their romance. Despite their separation, they are said to remain good friends.

Gizelle Bryant Career

Bryant’s career spans across various fields, including modeling, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and reality TV. After graduating from Hampton University in 1992, she pursued a modeling profession, leveraging her beauty and self-belief. In 2017, Bryant showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by launching “EveryHue Beauty,” a skincare line tailored for ladies of color.

Despite facing supply chain challenges main to its closure in 2020, she stays concerned with philanthropic projects centered on community revitalization and helping the ones in need. Bryant’s upbringing with an influential activist father in all likelihood inspired her dedication to social justice reasons.

Her most distinguished position currently is as a cast member on Bravo’s hit display “The Real Housewives of Potomac” because 2, provides her a platform to proportion her personality, existence, and entrepreneurial ventures with a wider target market.

Additionally, she has co-hosted Bravo’s Chat Room and made appearances on different Bravo applications. Beyond those endeavors, Bryant authored a novel titled “My Word” in 2019. Together with her “Real Housewives” co-celebrity Robyn Dixon, she co-hosts the successful podcast “Reasonably Shady”.In precis, Bryant is a driven and done man or woman who has charted her direction to success in numerous industries.

Gizelle Bryant Net Worth

Bryant’s estimated net worth is approximately $4 million US dollars. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that celebrity net worth figures are typically estimates and can vary due to factors such as income, investments, and spending habits.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives of Potomac

Bryant is a prominent fixture on “The Real Housewives of Potomac” (RHOP), having been with the show since its inception and holding the title of an “OG” cast member. Her presence dates back to season one in 2016. Known for her outspoken personality and sense of humor, she isn’t hesitant to voice her opinions, sometimes leading to conflicts with other cast members.

However, her candidness and wit add to the entertainment value of the show. Beyond RHOP, Bryant’s involvement with the Bravo network extends to co-hosting Bravo’s Chat Room and making appearances on other Bravo shows, utilizing the platform to further showcase her personality.

Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels

Bryant and Monique Samuels were each individuals on the truth TV series The Real Housewives of Potomac. Their dating has been tumultuous ever since Monique joined the show in season 2. Over the seasons, there have been numerous conflicts between the two, with the most first-rate being a bodily altercation between Monique and Candiace Dillard Bassett in season 5, which in the end led to Monique’s departure from the display. Even though Monique is no longer a part of RHOP, tensions persist. Gizelle has persisted in making disparaging feedback about Monique in interviews and on social media, prompting Monique to reply in kind. It seems that their feud is far from resolved.

Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard

In season 6, Gizelle alleged that Candiace’s husband, Chris Bassett, made her uncomfortable throughout a personal communication on the reunion. Candiace and Chris refuted these accusations, affirming that Gizelle was trying to divert interest from her very own marital problems by stirring up drama. The anxiety between Gizelle and Candiace persevered into season 7, with each conducting subtle insults and jabs at each other.

The war reached its height at some stage in the season 7 reunion, where Candiace accused Gizelle of being fixated on her, while Gizelle claimed that Candiace’s social media posts had resulted in demise threats towards her. Even all through filming in Thailand, the animosity continued, with Candiace describing Gizelle as a “demon” and expressing feelings of isolation in her presence.

Gizelle Bryant Kopsick Palm Arboretum

Bryant appears to have an interest in journeying gardens or arboretums, with the Kopsick Palm Arboretum probably being a local spot she frequents. However, there are no publicly available facts to confirm this. While Bryant’s involvement in philanthropy suggests she can also attend charity occasions or fundraisers at locations like the Kopsick Palm Arboretum, there are no recent news articles or social media posts to corroborate this.

Adidas Gizelle Bryant

Bryant isn’t commonly recognized as a brand ambassador for athletic wear companies. While she has a distinctive fashion sense, there haven’t been widespread reports of her frequently or exclusively wearing Adidas clothing.

Gizelle Bryant House

Bryant resides in a house in Potomac, Maryland, which she has been renovating for several years. She acquired the property in March 2019 for approximately $900,000. Initially described as a fixer-upper needing substantial renovations, Bryant has shared the renovation journey on social media and on “The Real Housewives of Potomac.”

Is Gizelle Bryant Related to Kobe Bryant?

There is no familial relation between Bryant and Kobe Bryant. While Bryant is recognized as a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Kobe Bryant was renowned as a legendary basketball player. Their career trajectories diverge significantly.

Hot Stuff Winter House Gizelle Bryant

In 2023, there was exciting dating news involving Bryant! The term “hot stuff” fittingly describes Jason Cameron, her romantic interest from Bravo’s “Winter House.” Speculation about Bryant dating someone from “Winter House” first emerged early in the year.

During the Season 7 reunion of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Bryant confirmed her relationship with Jason Cameron, a fellow cast member from “Winter House.” While some buzzed about the surprising age gap (Bryant being 52 and Jason 36), many were delighted to see her happy. So, it seems “hot stuff” wasn’t just an initial impression; Bryant has indeed found someone special in Jason Cameron!

Gizelle Bryant Model

Earlier in her life, Bryant pursued a modeling career. Following her commencement from Hampton University in 1992 with a marketing degree, she ventured into the modeling enterprise, indicating she started her modeling endeavors in her early twenties. While unique info along with the names of brands or companies she labored with, or the perfect type of modeling she engaged in, remain undisclosed, it’s obtrusive from her images and public appearances that Bryant possesses splendor and self-belief, features exceedingly prized in the modeling world.

Gizelle Bryant Social Media Platforms

Gizelle is very active on her Twitter, and Instagram, pages. She has 166.6K followers on Twitter and 752K followers on Instagram.


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