Ryan Gosling Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Barbie, Ken, Kids, Eva Mendes, Blade Runner 2049, Drive Jacket and Net Worth.

Ryan Gosling Biography

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor who has appeared in numerous independent films and major studio features. His films have grossed over $1.9 billion worldwide, and he has received various accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, and has been nominated for three Academy Awards and two BAFTAs.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Age/ How Old is Ryan Gosling?

As of 2023, Gosling is 43 years old, he was born on 12 November 1980 in London, Canada. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on 12 November every year.

Ryan Gosling Height/ How Tall is Ryan Gosling?

Gosling stands at an average height of 6 feet 0 inches tall.

Ryan Gosling Education

Gosling received his education from Gladstone Public School, Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, and Lester B. Pearson High School. His aspirations to become an actor were ignited during his childhood after watching Dick Tracy. However, his early years were challenging as he experienced bullying and loneliness, recalling that he had no friends until the age of 14 or 15. At a young age, he exhibited troubling behavior influenced by action movies. Such as bringing steak knives to school and throwing them at other children during recess, resulting in a suspension.

Despite struggling with reading and undergoing evaluation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Gosling was never diagnosed with it and did not take medication, contrary to false reports. His mother decided to homeschool him for a year. Which he credits with instilling in him a sense of autonomy that has stayed with him throughout his life.

Ryan Gosling Parents

Blake Haynes was born into a family with diverse ancestry, including French Canadian, German, English, Scottish, and Irish roots. His father, Thomas Ray Gosling, worked as a traveling salesman for a paper mill, while his mother, Donna, served as a secretary.

The family adhered to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Blake has noted the significant influence of religion on their lifestyle. Due to his father’s occupation, the family relocated frequently, leading Blake to reside in various places such as Cornwall and Burlington in Ontario. At the age of 13, his parents went through a divorce, marking a significant event in Blake’s formative years.

Ryan Gosling Siblings

Gosling has one older sister named Mandi Gosling. They grew up together in London, Ontario, Canada with their mother after their parents’ divorce. Mandi has been a very supportive figure in Ryan’s life and has even accompanied him to red-carpet events like the Oscars.

Ryan Gosling Wife

Gosling is not married. However, he has been in a long-term relationship with actress Eva Mendes since 2011.

Who is Ryan Gosling Dating?

Gosling has been in a long-term relationship with actress Eva Mendes. They met in 2011 while filming the movie “The Place Beyond the Pines” and have been together ever since. The couple is known for being very private about their relationship, but they have two daughters together.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Gosling and Eva Mendes are one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples. Even though they keep their relationship largely out of the spotlight. They sparked dating rumors in 2011 while filming the movie “The Place Beyond the Pines.” There have even been hints that they may have known each other before filming, but regardless, their on-screen chemistry translated into a real-life romance.

Both Gosling and Mendes are known for being private individuals, and they rarely walk red carpets together or give interviews about their relationship. However, they have occasionally spoken fondly about each other in interviews. For instance, Gosling has said that he feels like he’s “with the person I’m supposed to be with.”

Ryan Gosling Children

Gosling has two daughters Esmeralda Amada Gosling: Their first daughter, Esmeralda Amada, was born in 2014. Her name is a combination of a character from Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Eva Mendes’ grandmother’s name. Amanda Lee Gosling: Their second daughter, Amada Lee, was born in 2016. Her middle name is Lee, which is also Eva Mendes’ middle name.

Ryan Gosling Child Actor & Debut

In 1993, at the age of 12, Gosling auditioned for a revival of the Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club in Montreal. Following the audition, he was awarded a two-year contract as a Mouseketeer and relocated to Orlando, Florida. While on the show, Gosling’s on-screen appearances were limited due to the perceived talent of other children. Nevertheless, he has fondly described this period as the best two years of his life. Among his fellow cast members were notable names like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake.

Gosling attributes the experience to fostering a strong sense of focus within him. During the second year of the show, he formed a particularly close bond with Timberlake. With whom he even shared living quarters for six months. Gosling’s relationship with Timberlake became so close that Timberlake’s mother assumed legal guardianship of Gosling when his mother returned to Canada for work reasons. Despite not communicating frequently, Gosling emphasizes that he and Timberlake remain supportive of each other.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth

Gosling’s net worth is estimated to be around $70 million.

Ryan Gosling The Notebook and Half Nelson

Gosling rose to prominence in 2004 together with his position as Noah Calhoun in the romantic drama “The Notebook,” opposite Rachel McAdams. The movie, based totally on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, allowed Gosling to paint a man or woman over a vast duration, from 1940 to 1946. He aimed to infuse his individual with “quiet power,” drawing suggestions from Sam Shepard’s overall performance in “Days of Heaven,” where Shepard additionally starred.

Filming passed off in Charleston, South Carolina, in past due 2002 and early 2003. Despite later turning into romantically worried, Gosling and McAdams had a hard courting on set. Gosling defined it as “bizarre” to make a love tale whilst not getting along with his co-big name.

In 2006, Gosling added a compelling performance in “Half Nelson,” portraying a drug-addicted junior high faculty teacher who bureaucracy a bond with a pupil. To prepare for the position, he lived in New York for a month, living in a small rental in Brooklyn and shadowing an eighth-grade teacher. Critics lauded his performance, with Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times praising it as “captivating” and Ruthe Stein of the San Francisco Chronicle evaluating him as Marlon Brando.

Roger Ebert hailed Gosling as one of the greatest actors of present-day cinema. His performance earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Despite the vital acclaim, the movie grossed $ 4 million internationally. In 2007, Gosling was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Ryan Gosling Charity

Gosling is actively concerned with supporting various social causes. He has collaborated with PETA to suggest progressed techniques of fowl slaughter in fast-meal chains like KFC and McDonald’s, as well as campaigned for dairy farmers to end the practice of de-horning cows. In 2005, Gosling volunteered in Biloxi, Mississippi, contributing to the smooth-up efforts following Hurricane Katrina.

He is also a robust supporter of Invisible Children, Inc., an organization devoted to elevating consciousness approximately the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Central Africa. Gosling visited Darfur refugee camps in Chad in 2005 and spoke about the problem at Campus Progress’ National Conference in 2008. Additionally, Gosling has been involved with the Enough Project, journeying Uganda in 2007 and Japan to Congo in 2010 as part of his efforts to deal with humanitarian troubles in those areas.

Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie

Gosling played the iconic character Ken in the live-action Barbie movie that premiered in July 2023. His casting was a bit of a surprise at first, and there were even some funny memes about people not realizing they cared about Ken as a character until Gosling was playing him. Gosling himself even joked about it in interviews. However, the movie turned out to be a massive hit, and Gosling’s portrayal of Ken was praised by critics for being funny, nuanced, and even a little sad. He even received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the role.

Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049

Gosling starred in the 2017 sequel to the science fiction neo-noir film Blade Runner, titled Blade Runner 2049. Gosling portrayed K, a new blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department who discovers a long-buried secret that has the potential to upend society. The film also starred Harrison Ford reprising his role from the original Blade Runner as Rick Deckard.

Ryan Gosling Drive Jacket

The jacket Gosling wears in the movie Drive is a truly iconic piece. It’s a white satin bomber jacket with a black scorpion embroidered on the back. The jacket has become so popular that it’s often referred to as the “Drive jacket”. The jacket itself is based on a vintage design and has become a popular fashion item for people looking to channel Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie.

Ryan Gosling Tattoos

Gosling has a few tattoos, some with more meaning than others.

  • The Giving Tree tattoo: This large tattoo on his back is an illustration from Shel Silverstein’s children’s book of the same name. 
  • Inner bicep tattoo: This cryptic tattoo features a ghostly woman posed alongside a skeleton. There’s speculation it’s inspired by a vintage photograph of Hollywood icon Theda Bara, but Gosling has never confirmed the meaning.
  • Esme tattoo: On his knuckles, Gosling has a tattoo that spells out “Esme. A tribute to his daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling.
  • Self-inflicted tattoos: Gosling has a few tattoos he did himself, including a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart (which kind of looks like a cactus) and a random design on his left wrist. 

Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling

Ryan Reynolds and Gosling are two of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, both Canadian and known for their good looks and comedic timing, though they’ve starred in various genres. Both are Canadian actors. Ryan Reynolds is more known for his action comedies and superhero roles (Deadpool). Gosling is known for romantic dramas (The Notebook) and broader dramatic roles (Blade Runner 2049).

Ryan Reynolds is more active on social media and is known for his humor and self-deprecating jokes. Gosling is generally more private They’ve even poked fun at their similarities themselves. At the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards, where they were both nominated for Best Comedy Actor, they presented the award together and joked about the confusion surrounding them.

Ryan Gosling Movies and TV Shows


  • The Notebook (2004): This romantic drama is one of Gosling’s most popular films. He plays Noah Calhoun, a young man who falls in love with Allie (Rachel McAdams) but is forced to separate from her. 
  • Drive (2011): This neo-noir action thriller stars Gosling as a nameless getaway driver who becomes involved in a dangerous scheme. 
  • La La Land (2016): This musical comedy-drama tells the story of Sebastian (Gosling), a jazz pianist, and Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, who fall in love while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. 
  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017): This science fiction sequel to the 1982 film stars Gosling as K, a replicant blade runner who uncovers a secret that could threaten the future of humanity.
  • The Big Short (2015): This financial drama tells the true story of several investors who predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Gosling plays Jared Vennett.
  • First Man (2018): This biographical drama tells the story of Neil Armstrong (Gosling), the first human to walk on the moon.
  • The Gray Man (2022): This action thriller stars Gosling as Court Gentry, a CIA agent who goes rogue and is hunted by his former colleagues.
  • Barbie (2023): This upcoming comedy stars Gosling as Ken, the boyfriend of Barbie (Margot Robbie).


  • The Mickey Mouse Club (1993–1995): Gosling got his start as a child star on this Disney Channel show.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1995): Gosling also appeared in an episode of this popular children’s horror anthology series.

Ryan Gosling Social Media Platforms

Gosling has one official active social media page Twitter which has 1.9 Million Followers. Non-official (Fan Pages) pages like Instagram and Facebook he has 354k Followers on Instagram and 50.7K followers on Facebook.